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News Lost or Stolen
Lost or Stolen
We make Latigo Bay Cases and Luggage to last.  How?  How Long?

First we pay attention to the details.  Like – you know we use leather outside.  But inside?  We use leather too, where other companies use synthetic cloth that saves a few dollars – and wears out or comes apart several decades before the quality leather gives up.  Or they use cheap fabric liners.

Where we use stiffeners, we use stiff leather.  Other makers use (don't believe us – take one of their bags apart!) cardboard stiffeners, or maybe it's cellulose or particle board.  But we use leather.  And if the airline drops your Latigo Bay bag in a mudpuddle on the way to the luggage carousel, you won't have to wonder why it droops or comes apart a week won't! (Actually, we recommend Latigo Bay bags and luggage for carry-on).

For our seams, we use three-ply high-tenacity nylon cordage – double stitched and locked where needed.  Our hardware is all solid brass.  No plating or other fake finish to wear off.  No junk.  Our zippers cost three times what other makers pay for theirs – but if you want a quality bag, you don't mess with cheap.

How Long?  We don't know.

The first bag we ever sold – a leather duffle – is still in regular use.  We've refurbished a few for diehard clients who use them hard every day for ten years or more, but we don't know of one that has ever worn out.  Most of our clients who replace their Latigo Bay bags have either lost them or had them stolen.  A problem if you live around high-class thieves. (Actually, most of our clients are buying a second bag, rather than replacing an original).
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