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FAQs The French Binding
The French Binding
Several of my designs feature the clean, turned French binding.  This is a process which starts with a bag that is almost completed.  At this stage, a normal bag would be turned inside out and sewn together - turn it right side out and it's done. 

For French binding, the bag is put together with right sides out and sewn (now all the rough edges are showing).  The binding is now sewn to the face of the bag with the right sides together (inside out).  Next the binding is turned to the right side, and clipped or glued to wrap around the rough edge of the bag.  Now the binding is sewn again with the stitching hidden between the binding and the face of the bag.  When that's done the excess binding is trimmed off with a very sharp scissors.  Great care must be taken in all these steps. 

And now you have a nice clean finish on your bag!
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