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FAQs Leather Go Naked
Leather Go Naked

There's leather, and then there's leather...

Our bags are made of a completely natural, uncorrected full-grain, deertanned cowhide.  The curing method is long, but it results in a leather that is soft and supple to the touch, yet extremely durable.

Special care is taken not to cover the leather's natural markings with paint, sealers, or artificial finishes.  Instead, clean aniline colors are used that enhance rather than conceal the natural markings of the leather.  In the business, it's called a "naked finish", the best available.  Unlike the common leather used in most bags, when you scratch it, you can easily oil it to return it to its original excellence.

On the inside of our bags, we've used a Kroupana® Sueded Pigskin.  If you think "Blue Suede Shoes" is normal suede, you might not recognize ours.  Kroupana suede has a feel and a look that is smoother and more luxurious than common suede.  It resists stains, soiling and shedding.

In our unique tanning process, Scotchgard® Leather Protector is actually tanned into the Kroupana suede - not merely sprayed on - making this special protection long lasting and durable.

There's nothing better than the quality of Latigo Bay leather goods!
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